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Afraid To Be Great

Updated: May 6, 2021

So, here's the thing... YOU ARE GREAT!! Often times, we dim our light as to not offend others. In that dimming, we begin to internalize and believe it. Expressing your true, authentic self becomes easier and easier once you surrender to the fact that you really are great.

Your style is like none other. Your wit and sass make you unique. Family and friends love you. Strangers want to know you. You are a badass! Start acting like it.

Pick your head up and do it afraid. I get it. It's not an overnight transformation, but it is a transformation that is long overdue for you. As you consistently do it afraid, you'll get more comfortable and kick that fear out of the door. You know that saying "fake it til you make it."

Girl, leave those negative thoughts behind and walk in your greatness. Afterall, the world is waiting on you! :-)

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