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And What If You Did?

Ok so actually walking out your purpose can be scary. When we start on our journey of fulfilling our destiny it can seem pretty overwhelming.

My process starts out pretty optimistic. That’s my nature. I don’t feel like there’s anything I can’t do since God is with me. Then people start to insert their opinions and project their fears on me. So I slow down, but I don’t quit! (Ok I have quit before, but that’s the old me lol)

Ok, so don’t. Don’t go finish school. Don’t go for that job. Don’t start that business. Don‘t get out there and date. You’re right… it’s too scary. But what if you did and it worked?! What if you finished school or you got that job or you started that business or you went on that date?

What‘s the point of living if it’s a life full of regret? Just like you can’t, you can. Just like it won’t, it will. It’s all about your perspective. See yourself accomplishing those goals and benefiting from that business. Once you see it, it’s easier to believe it!

Girl, you got this. You aren’t alone. We’ve all had to step out on faith to do something. Remember, no regrets!

You are amazing!


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