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Clean Your Lenses

You are amazing! You know that right?

There’s a common rhetorical phrase that asks “Is this glass half empty or half full?” The same situation with 2 different outlooks can yield totally different results. This is no surprise to you, but hear me out anyway.

Life is constantly throwing curve balls, but instead of letting them beat you

up keep your bat ready to knock them out of the park. I keep my bat ready by praying and reading my Bible. I also go to therapy to help me with my game plan. You keeping your bat ready may be different. The point is… keep it ready.

Every situation and trial can be looked at as a glass half empty and a glass half full.

Didn’t Get The Job:

Half Empty - I’m qualified. Why didn’t they choose me?

Half Full - God was sparing me from something He didn’t want me to go through.


Half Empty - Woe is me!

Half Full - God is using me to perform a miracle!

Electricity Cut Off:

Half Empty - This is so horrible. I’m tired of being broke. Half Full - A quiet evening with dinner by candlelight.

Get my point? Look for the good in every situation. It will really keep your mind from going crazy! Life is gonna happen, but it doesn’t have to happen TO you. It can just happen FOR you!

Girl, you got this. Don’t trip. You are amazing!

With Love,


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