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Complete This 15/15 Challenge

This week is all about you! Take some time for you. Sometimes we need permission to think of ourselves. Sometimes we don't know what to think of ourselves! LOL

People ask me... What do you want for your birthday? What do you want for mother's day? My answer is always I don't know! Women are natural nurturers. We put everyone else before ourselves. It's time to put us first! If we are first, we have more to give after - just sayin'!

$15... take $15 and spend it on YOU! 15 minutes... take 15 minutes and spend it on YOU!

Your mind and body will thank you :-)

Be Great!


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1 Comment

Stephanie Bouldin
Stephanie Bouldin
Jan 19, 2023

So true but people don't think so

Never give your power away and if you give people permission to harm you, disrespect you then without knowing it you have given up your power

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