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Girl, Go To Bed!

Growing up, I had a strict bedtime (whenever my mom was home lol)! I was so doggone nosey! After years of therapy, I can finally admit it. I had to know where everyone was. I had to hear who said what to who and how it made everyone laugh. I needed the punch line. Listen, my mom and aunts tell THEE best stories LOL.

My elders would always tell us to "stay out of grown folks' business" or "get out of my mouth". I swear I've turned into them because my son is to the point where he'll join into the conversation! It is what it is, he got it from me...

I remember my mom and aunts getting good into the story and when they realize I'm still in the room (I tried to be invisible, I swear!) my mom would yell "girl, go to bed!" Ugh, that was the worst! How else was I supposed to find out what happened?

Now that I've kept living and life keeps on life-ing, those four words mean so much more to me. When things get tough, when you can't see the end of the tunnel, when it feels like everything is just going wrong, when it feels like you just don't have the answers... Girl, go to bed! Those things are none of your business! If God say's He's gonna handle it, I'm just gonna keep practicing going to bed because that stuff is just none of my business!

Don't give up! Girl, go to bed!

You are amazing!


(That's a picture of me!)

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Today has been one of those days and my friend was like just go to sleep and wake up tomorrow refreshed. Gonna just head to bed.

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