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Holidays CAN Be Tough... Yup

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

The holidays are when families and friends get together to celebrate the season and enjoy each other. This one is quite complicated with the pandemic going on.

Sometimes our minds wander to those family members and friends whom we’ve lost and we miss. There’s no way around that. What a blessing it was to have them for the time they were here.

Does it hurt? Absolutely! Can you survive? Absolutely!

Last year, I was sad because my family WAS here. Everyone had come together for the first time in years and it just overwhelmed me.

The woman is seen as weak, yet we are expected to be strong. Tuh! We birth the world, take care of everyone, make something out of nothing and we STILL have to keep a straight face. Wow.

This year, give yourself permission to FEEL. Your feelings are valid and they matter. Just remember to look at your positives when your mind drifts to the negatives. You are here. You are blessed. You are loved. You are AMAZING!

Happy Thanksgiving!


(I’m rooting for you!)

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