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It Always Works Out

Now before you start fussing let me just confirm… yup we are gonna go through sh*t!! But we also conquer sh*t!! (I had to stay with the flow to prove my point lol)

Every bump, bruise, success, triumph, trial, misstep, achievement and heartbreak (you get my point) ALL work together to create YOU! If we never go through anything we’ll never have the chance to reach our fullest potential. Trials strengthen us. Now when we are in the middle of it, don’t talk to me about it all working out. I want to have MY moment!!

One day I was going through something, but I decided to stop attending my pity parties. First of all, I’d be the only one there. That doesn’t sound like a real party to me LOL. I still have days where I just go to check in on the party to make sure the snacks and music are good. *insert eye roll*

So, it’s inevitable… we’ll go through bad and good. What matters is who we become when we come out on the other side.

I love you my sister. Be encouraged. Trials don’t last forever.

You are amazing!

(I used the picture of my babies just because they are so cute!)


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