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Life Is A Cupcake

We've got 3 choices: lick it, smash it or take a bite out of it.

Lick It:

We can just lick the frosting. We can play it safe or scared. We can do just a little bit to get by.

Smash It:

We can smash the cupcake. We can just ignore our purpose and try to live life on our own.

Take A Bite:

We can take one big bite. We can taste how all of the ingredients came together to make this sweet treat.

If we eat all of the ingredients one by one, we'd like some and others not so much. This is how life is. We have sweet moments and not so sweet moments, but putting them together makes for a wonderful masterpiece.

We're gonna have good times and bad times. Just remember we need them all to produce a masterpiece - ourselves!

Girl, you got this (even when you feel like you don't)!

You are amazing!

With Love,


P.S. This is my 3 year old daughter, Brooke. Doesn't she make this cupcake look good? lol

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