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Mind Your Business

Can you agree that new things are both exciting and scary? Your life is worth more than just going to work everyday and going through the motions. You have so much inside of you that the world needs. No one can do it quite like you.

Don‘t be scared to take that leap, but if you are that’s ok. Still mind your business anyway. If you mind all of that goodness inside of you and you let it out to change the world your fears would be so worth it.

I’ll admit, sometimes it’s hard to ignore all of the other greatness around you. We tend to compare ourselves subconsciously. That’s cool too. As long as you push through, we will be in a much better place. Yes girl, you are THAT important. You are small yet gigantic. We need you.

Don’t quit. Stay the course. It will always all work out! I’m looking forward to seeing you. You are somebody to know.

You’ve got this. You are amazing!

I love you!


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