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The Power Is Within You

You know life be lifing… and as much as it lifes it tests the power that lies within you.

Tests suck. I get it. But sis, you’re only being tested because God knows you can pass it. He trusts you. Now you’ve gotta trust yourself.

Don’t believe me? Need a little proof? Sit back and reflect on your year. First of all, you’re able to sit back and reflect so you’ve clearly passed something!

Think about all ways you’ve been tested. Then, recognize the other side of it. You’ve already got what you need to pass the test.

Hold your head up girl. We need you. It’s gonna all be alright because everything that we experience works together for our good. That’s right, our GOOD.

This world needs you. The list starts with me 😘

Crush this week sis. You are still making it!

You’re Amazing!



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