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You Are Not Your Mistake

Recently, I made a few bad choices. I didn't see them as bad when I was in them, but due to a recent incident I am now fully aware. I had such a hard time resolving to the fact that I'm not perfect and I don't do everything right. (A very tough pill to swallow for an overachiever)

So there! I made some mistakes. Now what?! I thought my identity was wrapped up in the mistakes I made. I wasn't sure how to move forward. Do I wallow? Do I beat myself up? Do I keep playing it over and over in my head? It's easy to obsess over it. Turns out, I needed to forgive myself and move forward.

What a concept!

So know that we all make mistakes. Some feel a lot worse than others. Forgive yourself!! That's what God's mercy that we get every single morning affords us. Recognize who you are. You are a warrior. You can overcome this. You can rebound. You are not stuck. You aren't a bad person. You made a bad choice. Now you've learned from it so you're better and stronger.

Girl, drop that weight. Smile! You got this!

You are amazing!



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