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All About Heels 2 Sneakers

The Story of Beginnings


Beginning in a small office in Orland Park, IL, we're a team of Black and minority women who all started out in vastly different fields. One of us is a baker, one a librarian, and one began her time in accounting, real estate and property management. We kept circling back to the conversation of What Women Need when women aren't taking care of themselves. We wanted to teach busy and strong women that self-care CAN be accessible.

Our name was inspired by YOU!  Our parent company, Liberty Pointe Consulting LLC is a consulting firm that specializes in the growth and success of small and start up businesses.  We consult and begin our relationship in suits and heels.  We then tie up our sneakers to get to work for our clients.  Hence: Heels 2 Sneakers!

We were hoping to make the process of self-care more accessible during a pandemic. Can't host a special gathering? Feeling the anxiety and uncertainty of quarantine? We wanted to help!

Turns out a subscription box company during these unprecedented times was difficult.  Everything was delayed, people lost their jobs and some loved ones - people just wanted to SURVIVE.  Selling self-care felt wrong, anyway. So we regrouped, licked our wounds, and strategized. Then it hit us! We're a team that wears our heels to our sneakers on a daily basis. We can GIVE it away. All of our combined talents and responsibilities total up to some funny, weird, socially and economically beneficial information. So we're sharing it. Here, on social media, everywhere. 

Heels 2 Sneakers, your uplifting oasis on the Internet. Come join us on this wild adventure!

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