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Go Ahead, Dream Again

Since we are celebrating the iconic Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. today, I thought it would be appropriate to talk about our dreams. Now, as a child, I used to dream ALL THE TIME!! Ok! I would dream up entire destinies. I enjoyed it. It was an escape. It was where my hope lived. But I guess... somewhere on the path to adulthood, I stopped.

That's pretty common I hear. Lately, I've been self reflecting and that's one thing I want back. Dreaming has an innocence about it. And to be honest, God loves it when we dream. It's that step that takes us right into faith. If you can see it, you can see it!

Now, this isn't easy. We are busy. We have stuff going on. We have spouses, children, family and careers. We are thinking about what's for dinner and what will get paid on the next pay day. But dare to take a minute with me, steal some time to yourself, and just dream again. Dreaming will spark life, a new outlook, a new addition to your purpose... something to just look forward to! Shoot, if nothing else... it'll be a nice all expense paid vacation in your mind!

But really... We left some things in our dreams. We should take the time to explore them again. Some answers to our questions are back there.

It's ok. Let's dream again.

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