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Keep Coughing

Last night my husband put some meat on the grill. I was so happy because that meant I didn’t have to cook! LOL (Hey I take my wins wherever I can get them.)

I decided, against my better judgement, to start eating while I was taking a work phone call (Bad idea for so many reasons).

The food was so good. My client had me laughing. And then the inevitable happened... I CHOKED!! I’m telling you I saw my entire life just flash before my eyes. My cough was uncontrollable. I was sure I would vomit. It felt like the meat was lodged right in the middle of my throat. So I just kept coughing. I finally got up to get some water, but I still kept coughing!

Listen, life gets us into ruts all the time. We often hit those phases in life where we feel stuck. But, if we just keep coughing, we will clear our pathway to receive all of the good things God has for us. Trust me, I know. When that meat gets lodged in your throat, you wonder why? or where is God? He’s like a swim coach standing on the sideline rooting for you through to the finish.

Don’t give up. You’re not supposed to die here. You’ve just gotta keep coughing until that piece of meat moves out of the way!!

I hope this encouraged you like it uplifted me.

With Love,


P.S. This picture has nothing to do with the post, but Brooke and I took a photo shoot while sitting on the porch enjoying the nice weather.

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