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Oh Monkey Wrench

This one is for me!

Am I the only one who sets a plan in place, but a monkey wrench often tends to get tossed in? This is so frustrating for us overachievers.

I’d like to think monkey wrenches only come to make us stronger, flexible and more resilient. It’s like kids (and adults) that don’t like vegetables. They know it’s good for them, but they still hate eating them.

Make life a little easy. Bend a little. Adjust a little. Dodge the bullets. Lick your wounds. It will definitely all work out. It’s supposed to. So take some of the pressure off and dance. This is Brooke and I acting silly. Thank God for these little rays of sunshine.



P.S. Take the time to tell your loved ones you love them.

Unexpectedly, I just lost someone very close and dear to my heart and family. He was family! He was literally in every part of my life. He celebrated all of my accomplishments and helped me overcome my learning opportunities. He always looked out for me. He will be greatly missed.

Tomorrow really isn’t promised. Don’t put off tomorrow what you can do today.

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